The experienced technicians with Advantage Fire would like to share the tips below to help you maintain your system during these cold, winter months coming up! 

February 2018

The NFPA 25 Maintenance Manual (Section 25-85) recommends that drum drips and low points be drained prior to the on set of cold weather.

As cold weather approaches, we want to remind you of important information regarding your sprinkler system maintenance.

All dry sprinkler systems need all low point and/or drum drips drained completely.   It is recommended that you have your maintenance personnel perform the maintenance on a weekly basis throughout the winter and daily when temperatures are expected to dip below 35° in order to  minimize the risk of freeze damage.  All areas protected by a wet system must maintain a temperature of at least 55° in order to minimize the risk of freeze damage.  It is recommended that any vacant buildings, suites and/or apartments have the heat turned on throughout the winter months.

Please contact our office should you have any questions or if you would like to contract with us to provide training of your maintenance personnel on the proper way to drain low point drains and/or drum drips.  

"Water is the driving force of all Nature"

--Leonardo di ser Pierco da Vinci